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Family Centered Hospitals

How many times have you gone the doctor’s office or the hospital and felt that the staff was not really listening to you? Sure, they listen to the symptoms that you are having, but then they are quick to come up with a diagnosis. What they are not taking into consideration are the other things that you are telling them that could significantly impact the diagnosis and treatment, such as how the symptoms differ from how you normally are and your personal feelings regarding treatment based on your culture. Thankfully, many hospitals have begun to recognize the importance of including your input and they have adopted the family centered approach.

Family Centered Hospitals work hard to make you feel apart of the process instead of just a number. They ask you what they can do for you and how you feel about different treatments. They want to know how you felt before you got ill and are they symptoms extremely different than normal or just slightly different. Although the family centered approach is showing up in hospitals all around the world, they are particularly apparent in children’s hospitals. When treating a child, physicians need to include the family in the diagnosis and treatment because a child can’t always speak for themselves and a parent is the expert when it comes to the child’s normal behavior.

Thankfully the days of feeling like just a number at a hospital or doctor’s office are coming to a close. Some form of the family centered approach is now offered at many hospitals. If you don’t feel like you are being heard at your current hospital and you feel as though your input could significantly impact your treatment and diagnosis, call other hospitals in the area to ask if they offer the family center approach for their patients and their families.


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